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Volunteer with us

Student Refugees is a student-driven project that assist people with a refugee status to access higher education and support them after they have been accepted.

Why Student Refugees?

The process people with a refugee status must go through to be accepted to a Danish education can be complicated. People who bring part of – or an entire degree form their home country do not always have official documentation. Many need their current education assessed and certified before they are apple for university.

The people with a refugee status who are accepted to university need a fellow student, who can help them get started with study life as well as practical issues.

Do you want to help out?
We have two options for volunteering in Student Refugees

1) Become a part of our guide team, who guide and support people with a refugee status in the application process.

The Tasks:

  • Participate in an Application Café, where you and other volunteers meet up with refugees, and support them in the application process.
  • Communicate with and meet up in your team of volunteers
  • Contact refugees on email
  • We expect you use around 15 hours a month on volunteering.

    We are looking for volunteers who:

    • are studying or employed at a university.
    • Speak/write fluent English
    • Are able to participate in the Application Café at least one time a month (Wednesdays 17.00-19.00) and besides that answer emails from refugees.

    You don’t need any specific knowledge about the educational system or the application process. We will provide you with the information you need.

    We only accept new volunteers to the team in August. We will put a form on the webpage, when you are able to apply.

2) Student Refugees Buddy Program

Give a great start of study to a person with a refugee background with our new buddy program

The tasks

  • Meet up with 1-2 persons with refugee background every 2.-3. week.
  • Keep in touch with the person(s) and be available for questions.
  • Participate in joint social and educational activities with other volunteers.
  • We expect that you use around 15 hours a month on volunteering for a period of 6 month.

We are looking for volunteers who:

  • are studying or working at a institute of higher learning
  • Speak/write English and/or Danish fluently
  • are at least at the 2nd year of their education.

You will have an introduction, before we get started, so you have the knowledge and tools you need.

Student Refugees Buddies is currently closed for applications for the autumn semester 2018. We will open up for sign-ups again in December 2018 where we will be looking for new mentors and mentees to take part in the programme for the new semester (January – June 2019)

Read more about the program here.

As a volunteer in Student Refugees you get:

  • The opportunity to help refugees get a Danish education and better conditions in Denmark
  • Training and network with other volunteers.
  • You will be part of Studenterhuset’s Volunteers, which offers you a series of social and academic events.

We are looking forward to recieve your application.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the project, please contact the Project Coordinator Ellen-Margrethe Dahl-Gren at info@studentrefugees.dk.