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Frequently asked questions

Find a few of the most frequently asked questions.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have other questions in mind.

I don’t know if I fulfill the requirements to access a certain study programme. Where can I find this information?

The first step would be to get in touch with the higher education institution, you wish to access, send them your certificates and documents you have proving your educational background. They will let give you feedback, letting you know whether:

  1. You accomplish requirements and can apply for the programme
  2. You need to get your documents assessed at the Danish Agency of Higher Education and Science
  3. You don’t fulfil requirements and therefore need to take supplementary courses.

Find detailed information on the process here.

Where can I get my educational documents and certificates equalized into the Danish educational system?

At the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education.

Follow the application procedure explained on their standard application form.

The Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education might demand the submission of original documents from some countries. You will find the list enclosed in the application form. Once you fill out the application form, enclose all required documents (see all instructions in the application) and send the application by post to: Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education, Bredgade 40, 1260 København K or hand it into their reception desk at Bredgade 43.

The assessment should take no more than two months from submitting all of the required documents. It is free of charge.

I would like to study a programme in English. Where can I find them?

Danish higher education institutions offer a range of opportunities for international students. More than 600 programmes are taught in English and all of them are internationally recognized.

Find the programmes here.

Can I access a higher education at University for free?

It depends on your protection status. There are three different protection statuses:

  • Convention Status (Mmf – 7.1) – “2 års midlertidig ophold med henblik på midlertidigt ophold.”
  • Protected status (Mmf – 7.2) – “1 års midlertidig ophold med henblik på midlertidigt ophold.”
  • Temporary protected status (Mhp – 7.3) – “1 års midlertidig ophold med henblik på midlertidigt ophold.”

If you have 7.1 or 7.2 you can access an education for free. If you are 7.3 you need to pay tuition fees for higher education.

Find detailed information here.

I started a Bachelor in my home country, but didn’t finish. I would like to continue my studies, how can I do it?

Send us an email at info@studentrefugees.dk and a team of volunteers will contact you to let you know about your opportunities.

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