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The Student Refugees Buddies Programme is a student-driven project that assists students with refugee status to an easier start to university life in Denmark.

The Student Refugees Buddies Programme aims to welcome students from different backgrounds and countries by teaming up a student with a refugee background and a student who is familiar with the Danish higher education system already. By offering activities and workshops for the buddies throughout the semester, the programme aims to facilitate support and exchange.

The Student Refugees Buddies programme targets students with refugee backgrounds who feel anxious and have questions about starting the university life in a new country where the educational system and academic culture are different from countries of origin. Having someone as a mentor will help you understand the Danish education system and the Danish student culture quickly and it will also give you great resources to succeed in your university.

For students already familiar with the Danish educational system, the programmes provides a great opportunity to help new students with refugee background navigate academic challenges in university. Through the buddy program, you will have an opportunity not only to provide essential support to students who have different backgrounds but also to learn from their experience and knowledge.

Student Refugees Buddies

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