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Asylum Seekers

According to the current education policy in Denmark, asylum seekers are not allowed to take part in higher education programmes as long as their case is still being processed. This means that it is not possible to apply for a higher education programme until the protection status is given.


The Danish Immigration Service will require asylum seekers to participate in courses that introduce them to Danish language, culture, and society. If asylum is granted, you are still required to keep attending those courses. While the Danish Immigration Office’s task is to make a decision concerning asylum applications, the Danish Red Cross runs the majority of the asylum centres and camps in Denmark, and is in charge of providing asylum seekers with information about their educational opportunities. Therefore, asylum-seekers are encouraged to address to the Red Cross about their questions regarding accessing an education.


Useful Links to Information for Residents with Asylum Seeker Status:


The course on Danish language and society provided by the Danish Immigration Service:



Educational opportunities in general:



Educational opportunities at the Red Cross:



Further information on living conditions for asylum seekers (such as job opportunities, healthcare, etc.):


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