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Motivational Letter

The motivation letter is complementary to the curriculum vitae. It is a letter of presentation about yourself and it is more personalised than the CV. While the CV gives an overview on your past, the motivation letter has to describe your future, your ambitions and your goals. In the motivation letter, you will show how you could use the gained skills (gained in the educational, volunteer or professional context) in the course you want to be enrolled in.

Tips for the motivation letter:

  • Read all the information about the university and the course before writing the paper. You need to focus on their values and missions and on what kind of candidate they want to have. This will be useful for relating your skills and capabilities to the university’s expectations and principles.
  • Write down a plan for your letter asking yourself the following kind of questions: Why do you think that the university and the programme are interesting and suitable for you? Which qualification, past experiences or qualities you could highlight referring to the course’s characteristics?
  • If it is possible, include ideas about projects or initiatives that you could implement throughout your education.
  • Organise the paper in paragraphs concerning different aspects you want to stress.
  • Ask for proofreading and advice from your friends, teachers, or our guides.
  • The motivation letter should be about one page long (check the guidelines of the university).

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